Photographs Lovingly Presented For You By Jesse Chan-Norris. Please Enjoy Them.

Photos from January 04, 2012 to November 07, 2012

love you bear cleaning up bitch sandy only drinks piso sour look, a tree over stock batteries navy yard thank you, good night exploring the ocean on the inside ny oj lock picking and coke mentos, right this way rolling slant this is full of children heading home, uptown a close conversation with a friend at the helm discovering columbus e pluribus balloonum batgirl caution: horse crossing wegmans lost kid tag dairy products building good morning, america sheep, hooded magill, after hours welcome, go away fresh squeezed, at the new york state fair tea time on regent's canal the sharpshooter dot alighiero boetti, illuminated bam! new jersey patriots love me my floating friends doctor, doctor. all together now mister pink in loving memory of john fortune knockfin internet & call shop it's america's time the hallway track brattle book shop boston sunday globes at the ATM, dublin the trinity barber new york in dublin taxi hail, london smile, dublin, smile away from home cyclists please slow down iqbal gents hair styling the devil at work looking up to a whale spotter lomography: rule #4 nypd, bus only parlor sports, swoon aside building 32 all the trains in cambridge is this party going my way? defenders of the internet #ows kevin at the mic the final frontier downtown (1 of 4) release trees and shit 1155 #counts the crush (of andrew w.k.) occupy wall street (union square) look, up in the sky! thank you go home party hard, pizza guitar your heart is your future, austin charlie japanther at domy online, offline capturing tyler we ship seafood overnight matt lemay, kleenex girl wonder william kenzo nakamura u.s. court of appeals in your face, sopa on corbet place, london rabbit hole: beer whiskey skeeball future views (or, space needle) nypd: the friendliest paper, newspaper & magazines (hackney) london's calling futile downvote pipa, officer proclaim liberty throughout all the land standing for liberty the photographer, times square up up and away away hey, nice glasses christmas is so over 7 eleven, bowery
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