Photographs Lovingly Presented For You By Jesse Chan-Norris. Please Enjoy Them.

Photos from May 14, 2003 to June 29, 2003

from tokyo with love east village still life laguardia tower painted village exmouth sun subway. stop. leeds skyride edinburgh sky edinburgh fountain leeds nights sidewalk ends old floating woman birds on oxford village patriot tube structure cha girl trolley tracks bangkok streets wedding belles diorama loo east village trash streetside flowers nola sky bt tower of london st marks mattress nyc night life smokestack, fitzrovia morning, nyc holiday inn, albany bicycle, amsterdam lafayette couple salon display. albany. is anybody out there? chain. amsterdam. pic-a-rib abandoned in st. petersburg atop notre dame village mosaic tall drink of water imperial war museum hampstead road view onto ninth street wedding flowers ketchup on union square buenos aires camper at houston very lonely tv
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