Photographs Lovingly Presented For You By Jesse Chan-Norris. Please Enjoy Them.

Photos from June 30, 2003 to October 30, 2003

amigo! backgrounded sea vacation commute koi, kyoto astor gap france, nov 2002 paris, nov 2002 london, oct 2002 london, oct 2002 london, sep 2002 jubilee big k nola park claiborne lighting queens happy time at astroland 103 under construction setting summer observe(d) protected by kerman retired centerpiece with vase boat + bridge the very model of a modern cafeteria a morning without arc no more trees erie, lake MUNT the world stood still the village fog water tower, oh coney island high the gift lichtenstein 01 behind cranbrook sunset forever 4 hour dock coney island beach bike break velo put-in-birds 30 preserved minnows somewhere in ohio perry peace memorial broadway embrace appliance vacation summer sky posse my buddy east village monsters after the rains before the fall the old depository no downtown service deno's drop step up to edinburgh hong kong at night Soho street a good night playground perils fish flakes coffee republic rebuilding broadway edinburgh bound wedding cake slow rail regents bench fried cold window display woman in boots phonebooth confessional sidewalk hardware night, tate coffea sconce thai boatman sitting pretty in leeds kids in a box tres sexxy giraffe gaudi apartments birdscape tree, union square cup of joe leeds, over the top nola transport bangkok demons euston windows cold st pete leeds ferris wheel tsx ticker albany pool nola giraffe roncali glow stars and stripes tired demon-b-gone st. emilion no going home cafe du monde
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