Photographs Lovingly Presented For You By Jesse Chan-Norris. Please Enjoy Them.

Photos from October 30, 2003 to February 26, 2004

shift change passing the torch snow cap hold on tight now boarding feeding un-frenzy found on mulberry bunks tracks in the snow as the world marches by waiting for the train the coast is toast the best view cold one bridge people, stable caution wet floor urban porthole my very good friend emerald planet stylish cappucino up not down facade stop staring lunch. hide and seek waiting watch long view from the corner caged solitude for ivy the past tranquility for sale always look up coffee time rainbow maker party, now with friends bucket in the sky full up, to the top all alone upwardly mobile passing by goggles required beastly thing not giants, not on that screen egg shell everyone's cold in the snow water within bound back slapper tub o' ivy all aboard smoking is allowed here behind me, beer. big vs small structure standing, watching you saint somebody wild wild windowsill lunch. red men belt, pants seen on a country walk riverboat let's fly away silent stones street, st. emilion stalk, farnham jubilee, london drawing class, church blackout bread line chat pelucheux with hair brush directing exodus wall, water, warning columns, cancun view from under an umbrella captive audience wanted: hat jubilee kids noodles, pending lantern, kyoto scooter mirrors, london albany from a parking lot sunrise, east nails at night police in times square, dark. watching the monkey twisted tree tulum america fast food death masks, perhaps columns/pyramid hot dog, tulum weeds, on stairs stone post, mexico two drinks camino real, the vacancy amigo!
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