Photographs Lovingly Presented For You By Jesse Chan-Norris. Please Enjoy Them.

Photos from November 08, 2012 to January 03, 2014

first snow xmas tree parking frosst books minnie the moocher big papa autumn, washington square park waiting and waiting through the fire cuidado, señor flamingo give that house a hand 7 camicie unimpressed, mauerpark golden, malta what a drag a sunday in mauerpark german bros ich bin ein berliner empire illuminated, musing out of service home on the grange monhegan harbor, manana close enough rotary alice, overturned to town wherever he may go sutro, in fog shooting joshua thank you governor cuomo santa monica pier at sunset big brother is watching the last one standing the great gatsby ten years! take the shot all aboard we are family the blacksmith get dressed for summer awesome hot cakes the tyranny of choice charlie the people united clairy browne cyclist, you chinatown duel whitewash snow day raquel's partyland give them the boot bay const a little pride waiting by the phone the foggiest day i like art a lot the food centre churchill war rooms dead music capital band it's all uphill this table is wonky forward, to the future just walk on by that coffee the princess and the tiger who you gonna call? once there was a pier in the longest shadow and it was left to rust central park, snowed you are leaving sunset plaza hot dog stick en route, off the ground the happiest place v&a, egress nighttime on the high line caution oving palle butt!heart adorable orthrus go speed racer on a pedestal cookie and kitty go to work out of work vampire that's a wrap the cleanup mix and mingle the man in the red suit david and suz puzzling land of the lost place bike here dapper andromeda, the sea monster and a friend papa at the parade empire dusk wait, stop right there perseus with the head of medusa wonderland the inauguration, 2009 printing matters manhattan, after dark
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