Photographs Lovingly Presented For You By Jesse Chan-Norris. Please Enjoy Them.

Photos from February 27, 2004 to July 01, 2004

the perils of feeding these grow downtown down looking up la guerrilla fine, turn your back on me oasis schwinn bombay sapphire shadowed bridge the penis house providen colleg a beer sign floor a mug, and keys prego! a dog dish a lock a wall shoes and beer sentinels from bkln riverfront vista reveal george night ride foggy pier remains puerto rico schwinn club row your boat trees park view botanic gw, up close QM2 dumbo keeping warm skyward in the chair another green monster rock and roll motherf-er ktu astroland coastal ride pre-summer carl busy day hardware no pepper modern creativity hold up, stand up walk, don't stand pru grace big digger honest, reliable, experienced the calm tulips dirty buses mangled, again st. james building groovy sign here pretty wall night, light clearing pickup no parking any time greens slush, mush! face down, bored (board) the velvet touch vapor international toy center don't walk away 33 truck big red a bike up against little red stand tough saucer the bridge natural static emerging barriers to entry newark penn station the burn cole above downstream old man of the sea grid driven dirty, dirty penthouse new pier, old pier sunset, caught u.s.s. retired shattered, crumbled from the ferry herbst / yo yo walkabout, lazy day
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